Terms & Conditions

ClinOne Terms & Conditions
Last Updated: May 24th 2017

1. Introduction

(a) These terms and conditions shall govern your use of our website and mobile application.

(b) By using our website and mobile application, “you” - the user, accepts these terms and conditions in full.

(c) If you register on our website and access our mobile application, we will ask you to expressly agree to these terms and conditions.

2. Mobile Application and e-Portal Ownership

(a) ClinOne is the exclusive owner of this website and its mobile application "ClinOne".

3. Study Content and Ownership Data

(a) All sponsor study content, including but not limiting to sponsor logo, study design, study documents, study video’s, general study content, study contacts, study vendors and community postings are owned exclusively by the sponsor.

(b) All study content and documents within ClinOne must be treated as Confidential Information.

(c) Any information or content uploaded into the application by you may be used for the trial master file, if deemed important, by sponsor.

4. Community Posting

(a) You acknowledge that information posted in the Community is being posted to a general open environment to same-study participants and is deemed confidential.

(b) You may not post information about specific patients or subjects, Protected Health Information, or any information that may identify a specific patient or subject.

(c) ClinOne and Sponsor may remove (archive) content that is deemed unfit, inappropriate and/or hindrance to the study.

(d) The information posted into the Community by you becomes the property of the sponsor.

5. Study Content and Document Use

(a) Any and all study specific content and documents may only be used for the specific study that it assigned to and intended by the sponsor.

(b) You may not use study content, documents, forms, etc. from one study for another study.

6. Contact Information for Personnel and Vendors

(a) The contact information posting within ClinOne and its mobile application for personnel and vendors shall deemed as confidential and is required to be treated as confidential information.

7. Data Collection

(a) ClinOne may collect your behavior information to help improve the usability, functionality and general content within the application.

(b) ClinOne may also share aggregated user app usage and utilization data with sponsor.

(c) Data may also be shared with third parties, including but not limiting to law enforcement and Federal Drug Administration, if required.

8. Account Termination

(a) ClinOne and Sponsor reserve the right to cancel your study account at any time without notice.

(b) Your study account and access to study content, documents, community shall terminate upon the completion of study.

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